Financial Amnesia
Financial Amnesia caused the 2008 financial crisis, please download to learn how to identify financial amnesia and how to address it
FinancialAmnesia new.pdf
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Effective Regulation
Regulation is more than just rules, laws and policies, please download to learn more about what makes regulation effective
Effective Regulation new.pdf
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Executve Remuneration: A solution to the collective action problem
Executive Remuneration is a collective action problem. Until it is recognised as such, we will continue to repeat previous mistakes. However, there is a solution............
ER essay.pdf
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The cure for short-termism is not long-termism. Instead the focus should be on how company management, asset owners, and asset managers can generate value. Please download to learn more......
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Executive Remuneration
Executive remuneration needs to align with the value generated, please download this pilot study to learn about how closely remuneration aligns with value generation for UK listed companies
Executive Remuneration Research.pdf
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When it comes to constructing portfolios for clients one needs to assess the choices available and rather than favour one approach over another, the aim should be which combinations align with the client's requirements. Please download for further insights
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Benchmarks and Indices
Investing requires a benchmark to evaluate your portfolio in terms of performance, risk and costs. Please download to gain insights about how to create a meaningful benchmark for your portfolio
Benchmarks and Indices.pdf
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To determine value for money involves more than just looking at the fees, please download to learn more
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Fiduciary Duty
How should an investment professional exercise duty of care that has a fiduciary quality? Please download to learn more
Fiduciary Duty.pdf
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Informed Consent
What is it and how can it work in practice?
Informed Consent.pdf
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Money Illusion
Please download to learn how money illusion can affect your financial well-being
Money Illusion 2015.pdf
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Popcorn Money
Popcorn Money is a brief note on how we can help engage our children about making choices involving money, have a go its fun!!
Popcorn Money.pdf
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Short Selling
Short selling is often vilified but it can be valuable in terms of conveying market information and market discipline, please download to learn more
Short selling.pdf
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